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Originally performed by Bethan Leyshon in June 2020, this is an adaptation of my own award-winning short play.

Typical Casting: Female 20s-40s

Running at approximately 10 minutes, Rachel is the story of a young woman locked in a bathroom with a knife.  Her boyfriend hammers on the door.  The next ten minutes will change their lives forever.

"And he said no.  Just that, just those two letters.  No.  One no and we both then knew. "

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Free Monologues

Cowboy Breakfast

Typical Casting:  Male, 60+

Originally performed by Mike Hayward in September 2020, Cowboy Breakfast is the story of a John Wayne superfan living alone in the Valleys.

He's looking forward to Saturday, when he'll see his son and make him his famed Cowboy Breakfast. When he gets the text ("I d'love a text") to say his son isn't coming, George descends into his imaginary Wild Western World.

And he's caught someone there, and that man needs hanging.

WARNING: Contains themes of suicide.

Careful What You Show

Typical Casting:  Female: 30-70

Originally performed by Andrea Hall in July 2020, this short monologue begins with Sally struggling to apply makeup. She hasn't been out in months, not after what the press said, but she's fallen in love with the bin man and she's left him a message.

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