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The Space Between Us

"The Space Between Us works perfectly. It’s ten minutes that fly by. Bernarde delivers a moving performance, managing to find that line between just enough emotion and not too mushy. The writing is sharp as it slowly finds a way to explain the parent’s separation through Star Wars and aliens." 

Rob Warren, Everything Theatre

The Photographer & Dust

"Both of these pieces work because the writer and director allow time for the characters to breathe. The shortness of the plays does not encourage writer Rick Allden to fill the time with constant dialogue...Those who came may have witnessed the future of theatre. "

Remote Goat

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"This was the shining star of the evening. Rachel (Elizabeth Adams) is in a tumultuous relationship that has spiralled into obsession. Breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience, Rachel provides poignant details that were relatable while terrifying. Adams’ performance was stimulating and brought the play to life."

Mary-Margaret Scrimger, My Entertainment World

One Day Will Be The Best Day Ever

"I really like Rick Allden’s Compacts plays. It’s hard to believe they’re so short because there is so much in each play. The ones I’ve watched have all had a lot of sadness in them, but they’re happy plays too because they have so much love in them."

Louise, Mobile Theatre

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The Space Between Us

"Really excellent all round.  Great writing and a genuinely moving performance.  Many Congrats!"

Papatango Theatre Company

The Bird

"The comedy doesn’t ruin the tragedy. It enhances it. Every time you come out of a moment of comedy, the tragedy hits you all over again. It’s such a simple idea, but it’s so powerful. As the play is so short, I don’t want to go into detail about all the little moments, but the play worked really well and the ending is lovely."

Cal, Mobile Theatre

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