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Suited & Booted Studios

"What do I love about working with Rick?  Where to begin? With one of Rick's key skills, his ability to listen to our crazy briefs and turn them into scripts that hit all the key points for the client, but still keep a really beautiful narrative story. On top of this Rick writes really natural dialogue which is easy for the actors to work with.

Another reason I have enjoyed working with Rick is that it feels like he is part of the wider team.  It's not a question of here is the script and I’m out.  He is there for re-writes and tweaks and works alongside the director to make sure we are pulling together to create the best project we can. Because Rick was part of the team he listened to the parameters of the project and wrote accordingly, he didn’t write something unachievable just for poetic licence and as a producer I really appreciate that.

So thank you Rick and I look forward to working with you again".

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Man with Book

"When I was fourteen my father brought me an electric guitar for my birthday. Delighted I declared I wanted to be the greatest musician in the world and asked Dad where I should start. He sat me down and told me to listen to the opening of Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd explaining that Gilmore hits a single note, holds it and repeats it and it's better than anything else anybody has ever played. Nothing complicated, just a normal note played beautifully. Rick's writing is like that.

He takes what could seem normal and mundane and makes it profound and beautiful. He's a great guy to work with too of course and has the humility to listen and amend his words as requested but it's his understanding of humanity that makes him special. You need a scene where somebody orders a pizza over the phone and you want the audience to fall in love with this character? Rick's your man. You need some dialogue for a character to react to making them and your audience sob? Rick's your man.

I cannot recommend him highly enough".

Alun D. Pughe, filmmaker

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"Working with Rick was extremely satisfactory. Not only did he produce the texts we wanted within very good time, he also grasped immediately what we were having in mind and exceeded all our expectations.

His texts were brilliant, very funny and showed a deep understanding and sure intuition of how to appropriately address as difficult a target group as our 8-14
years old audience."

Neues Universum e.V. Berlin (for radio play installation for children)

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Green Typewriter

"We are very grateful to Rick for creating insightful, supportive and well structured feedback for our emerging writers for our next exciting Show Face event.

Rick embraced the opportunity and enforced a clear and open line of communication which is essential when working virtually. We hope to work together again in the future."

Lauren Elizabeth, Show Face Festival

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Labyrinth Systems

"The quality of Rick's technical writing led to a request for speech material for a major industry conference.  His professionalism and humour, in person as well as writing, will undoubtedly see us engage his talents again and again."

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