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A Long Distance Relationship

March 2021
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Recorded for the Jisc Digifest, this short film imagines 2030 life where long-distance relationships can travel that much further.

Directed by Alun D Pughe

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The Space Between Us

July 2020
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Selected and nominated in multiple film festivals, The Space Between Us features an incredible performance from Jordan Bernarde as a father about to be separated from his son.  They only have a few minutes left.  So they talk Star Wars.

Directed by Alun D Pughe, music by Andy Keenan.

Ripples Movie Poster.png


August 2020
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She's at the cliffside, looking down into the tumultuous waters below.  The woman beside her threatens to jump. It's inexorable, right?  A stunning performance from Boo Golding, wonderfully directed by Catlin M. Kearns.



Rachel Movie Poster.png

July 2020
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A young woman (Bethan Leyshon) is locked in a bathroom with a knife.  Her boyfriend hammers on the door.  The next ten minutes will change their lives forever. Directed by Eleri B. Jones.

The Bird


July 2020
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Keiron Self (My Family, High Hopes, Still Open All Hours) plays a man tasked with clearing the house of his recently deceased grandmother. Didn't bank on a peacock turning up though, did he?

Directed by Charlotte Lewis.


Careful What You Show


July 2020
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Sally (Andrea Hall - Broadchurch, Unforgotten, Shook)  - hasn't been out for months.  Not since her Mum passed.  But now Sally has gone and fallen in love with the bin man. Directed by Lisa Diveney.



November 2020
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Sam Harding plays a man, on probation in Barry Island's "Third Largest Arcade".  He's rejected the lure of Big City Anonymity and instead does his best to smooth the passing of time over the faces he knows best.  Directed by Alice Eklund.


The Last Route


August 2020
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Pete Picton plays Alec -  his last day as a bus driver before retirement. He just wants one of his regulars, just one, to ask his name. When down to the last disinterested passenger, Alec goes rogue.  Directed by Kayleigh Adlam.

Cowboy Breakfast


September 2020
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Mike Hayward (High Hopes, High Road, Little Britain) plays John Wayne superfan George.  He's looking forward to Saturday, where he'll see his son and make him his famed Cowboy Breakfast. When he gets the text (he loves a text) to say his son isn't coming, George descends into his imaginary Wild Western World where he's caught a man, has George, and that man needs hanging.  Directed by Grace Vaughan.

 WARNING: Contains themes of suicide.


Dear Dilys


August 2020
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Originally filmed for Facebook Live, this short play revolves around Dilys (Julie Barclay - Coronation Street, Broadchurch), an increasingly unhinged Agony Aunt pining for her now-obsolete career. Trying to make herself more relevant, things have taken a turn.  Directed by Ashley Cummings.

One Day Will Be The Best Day Ever


July 2020
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Sarah-Louise Tyler plays a mother remotely connecting to her absent son. She's been through a dark place, emerged and is desperate that he see the real person underneath the struggle. And surely he's not yet too old for puppets. Directed by Amie Burns Walker.