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Welcome to the website of Rick Allden, but why don't we dispense with that third person nonsense right away?  It's me.  Hiya.

OK. In 2005 I received a Masters’ Degree in creative writing from Swansea University.  Since then I’ve been trying to justify it to my parents.  I'm represented by Regan Talent, so that's helping.

I'm passionate about writing, of course I am, but that's not going to separate me from other writers. How about this then?  I'm five foot nine and take a size thirteen shoe.  Two of them in fact.  Imagine that.  My balance is sensational.

I'm currently on the BBC Welsh Voices talent programme and have recently been commissioned to write monologues for both the BBC and Sherman Theatre.  During lockdown, I've written a series of short pieces that have been selected across multiple film festivals and, in 2019, I was shortlisted for the prestigious BBC and National Theatre Wales Writer in Residence prize (no, I didn't win.  Must've been something to do with the feet).

I've written commercially and creatively - from a series of educational radio plays for Berlin University, to adapting screenplays for the stage.  I love meeting and speaking to new people and would be delighted to have an obviously-no-obligation chat about your project.  Please either use the form below or email me directly at



Lockdown, 2020-21

A series of short films, each with its own professional actor and director, written, performed and filmed over lockdown.  They're not about lockdown though, so that's nice. They're short enough to watch with a coffee too.

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